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What are the different gaming chair mechanisms?

Quels sont les différents mécanismes de chaise gaming ?

Finding the right gaming chair means finding a gaming chair that allows you to sit for long hours without impacting your health. It is advisable to take into consideration each criterion of your seat so that it meets your needs.

For example, the ergonomics of your seat is a very important aspect for your comfort but also your health. It is therefore important to learn about the different types of gaming chair mechanisms beforehand in order to make the optimal choice.


The different gaming chair mechanisms

There are several types of gaming chair mechanism: the permanent contact mechanism and the tilting mechanism .

For non-gaming office chairs, there is also the synchronous mechanism and the asynchronous mechanism .

We have detailed some of them to help you in your choice of the mechanism of your gaming chair. Note that the difference between each mechanism is the ability to tilt the seat (sometimes up to 180° tilt) as well as the ability to coordinate the fixed and non-fixed elements of the gaming chair.

1. The permanent contact mechanism

One of the most used in gaming chairs is the permanent contact mechanism. Indeed, this system allows a fixed seat but with a mobile and therefore reclining backrest .

2. The tilting mechanism

Also used a lot for gaming chairs, the tilting mechanism offers a tilting of your seat in its entirety. In other words, both the seat and the back of your chair are movable . This tilting system provides superior ergonomics and comfort thanks to the constant angle generated by the movement of the seat and backrest.

3. The synchronous mechanism

For an optimal position, the synchronous mechanism allows perfect use of the chair. Indeed, allowing superior comfort , this system offers a seat and a backrest that coordinate while reclining at the same time. This therefore makes it possible to have an adequate angle for each working position. This synchronization is natural and helps relieve pressure points in the body after long hours of sitting.

4. The asynchronous mechanism

The asynchronous mechanism, on the other hand, is a more basic mechanism that does not allow the different parts of the chair to tilt in a coordinated manner. It is therefore less advisable to opt for this type of mechanism when you are likely to work many hours in a seated position.


The different kinds of chairs

For every use, whether work or leisure, whether office or gaming, there are suitable chairs . Indeed, several categories of chair allow you to meet your needs in terms of comfort, durability and ergonomics .

Here is a small list of the different types of chairs that you will find on the market as well as their respective usefulness.

1. The ergonomic chair

With superior support and comfort , the ergonomic chair offers amenities that promote your well-being over long hours of chair use. Indeed, its equipment makes it possible to regulate the pressure points of the body. Equipped with quality armrests , headrests as well as an integrated back cushion, the ergonomic chair is ideal if you spend many hours in a sitting position.

2. The executive gaming chair

It is a good idea to choose this style of seat if you are looking for maximum comfort. Incorporating highly qualitative and adaptable armrests, the executive chair offers a greater width and therefore dimensions adapted for optimal use. Some chairs offer shape memory foam for the seat and backrest to guarantee unfailing comfort.

3. The chair with a tilting mechanism

With its tilting mechanism, known as tilting, this type of gaming chair allows prolonged use without straining the body. Indeed, a lever system activates the tilting of this chair for a controlled and adapted inclination.

4. The classic gaming chair

With a permanent contact mechanism, i.e. a fixed seat and a mobile backrest (tilting in height and depth), this type of gaming chair is suitable for moderate use. Indeed, it is wise to opt for a classic gaming chair if you need a few hours of use and still want to enjoy the comfort of a gaming chair.



As you will have understood, there are many mechanisms and types of gaming chair allowing you to find the chair adapted to your needs. Some gaming chairs look identical, but the differences lie in the tilting capacity, in the type of material used or in the associated equipment.


• How to choose your gaming chair?

To effectively choose your gaming chair, it is necessary to analyze your need in terms of hours of use in order to choose the appropriate seat. We advise you to find out beforehand about the type of armrests, the foam of the seat, the mechanism used, the equipment offered and the design. Opt for a durable chair, with noble and comfortable materials!

• What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a high-end office chair. Indeed, it is the must of so-called office chairs, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting. The gaming chair provides optimal back support and relief of body pressure points and allows you to sit for hours without feeling pain in the body.

• What are the advantages of a gaming chair?

As I told you, gaming chairs are designed for gaming. Concretely, gaming chairs offer better support for the back during long games. You can sit for hours without ever suffering, which is a significant advantage.

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