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Choosing the right size for your gaming chair - Complete Guide

Choisir la bonne dimension pour sa chaise gaming - Guide Complet

By spending many hours sitting in front of a screen, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions of a gaming chair . We spend an average of about 9 hours a day in a seated position. In humans, the sitting position is not natural, so it is important to choose a comfortable chair when you intend to spend a long time at your desk.

In order to be able to spend time sitting comfortably on your gaming chair , the dimensions must be adapted to your morphology and your needs. An ergonomic position is above all a dynamic posture allowing you to move easily on your office chair. Here is our guide on the dimensions to check before buying a gaming chair.



The ideal position for the legs in an office chair is at 90° at the knees. This helps avoid pressure from the popliteal fossa. Having the legs positioned in this way therefore avoids fatigue during long gaming sessions or working on a gaming chair.

This is why it is necessary to check that the height adjustment of the chair is well adapted to its size . A seat setting that is too low will not be comfortable for someone tall. Same for too high a height for someone short. If the feet hardly touch the ground, fatigue will quickly be felt.

The height dimensions of our gaming chairs are as follows:

  • 54 cm for the Silver model
  • 54.5 cm for the Platinum model
  • Up to 56 cm for the Bronze, Gold and Diamond models.


Not being able to adjust in height, the size of the backrest of a gaming chair allows the user to be supported over the entire upper part of the body. The back of a gaming chair must be enveloping in order to be perfectly comfortable. Too narrow, you will not sit well and not long enough your sitting position will not be optimal.

It is therefore necessary to check the dimensions of the backrest both in height and in width to be able to wedge and support the pressure points of his back. The lumbar and neck cushions are removable to adapt to everyone's morphology.

The back dimensions of our gaming chairs are as follows:

  • 77 cm for the Bronze, Gold and Diamond models
  • 80.5 cm for Platinum models
  • Up to 84 cm for the Silver model.



Slightly oriented downwards for the blood circulation of the legs, the seat of a gaming chair . An inclined seat guarantees optimal support for the vertebrae. Staying seated all the way to the back of the seat also makes it possible to make the most of the backrest and relieve pressure on the thighs. Indeed, the less your thighs are empty, the less fatigue will be felt.

The dimensions of the seat of our gaming chairs :

  • Bronze: 38 cm wide x 54 cm deep
  • Silver: 56 cm wide x 70 cm deep
  • Gold: 42 cm wide x 66 cm deep
  • Diamond: 38 cm wide x 54 cm deep
  • Platinum: 42 cm wide x 66 cm deep


The armrests arriving at the right size eliminate fatigue again. For the dimensions of a gaming chair , having armrests that can be adjusted in height is essential.

The more you can move them in all directions, as with our 4D armrests , the more comfortable your seat will be. The best position for your elbows is to be installed at a 90° angle and your forearms as horizontal as possible.

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