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What is a cheap gaming chair?

Qu'est ce qu'une chaise gamer pas cher ?

Are you looking for a good inexpensive gaming chair and you don't want to put too much money on it? Do you want, however, to have a quality product at a lower price? Be careful because you may come across a sub-brand gaming chair made with "recycled" materials or simply of inferior quality .

Low-cost gaming chairs are rarely made by recognized brands : these are often made in factories that are originally dedicated to other products or lesser-known brands.

Discover our complete guide on what it is important to know about cheap gaming chairs. You will be able to find the right inexpensive gaming chair, without being fooled by poor quality products and "fake brands".


Why do some gaming chairs come at very low prices compared to the rest of the market?

This is due to the fact that they are gaming chairs made with components of a much more variable or even lower quality , and which do not have a classic customer service : the chairs are sent directly to buyers without being stored.
In addition, these factories do not offer any guarantees for such low prices, let alone after-sales service.

A low-cost chair has a lot of faults and/or limitations, such as the adjustment of the armrests , the quality of the wheels to move around or the tilting possibilities offered by the gaming chair, etc.



A cheap gaming chair, with inferior materials, will last much less time and will simply be less comfortable . Sub-brand chairs are often built on an aluminum base , with a thickness of 20mm (or less!) and above all with recycled foam.

Recycled foam is extremely fragile , and above all absolutely not comfortable . The term "recycled" is an understatement, because it simply means that the workers recover the foam from a worn seat and slip it into a "new" seat.

In addition, you should pay attention, if you want to find a good cheap gaming chair , to what is shown on online sites versus reality. Indeed, rely on tests, opinions but also on the brand in question as well as customer feedback. Remember that two gaming chairs from two different brands can differ in price but still be equal in quality, because you also pay for the brand.

The nuance between a brand that offers good inexpensive gaming chairs and a brand that offers low quality gaming chairs is therefore sometimes difficult to distinguish . For this, you must be attentive and inform yourself as much as possible.


Instead of sending the damaged cheap gaming chair to the retailer, the factory will recover the foam and the covering, and will place them, in a new gaming chair with significantly inferior finishes .

As for the thin aluminum structure , the lack of thickness makes the chair unstable, difficult to adjust, especially quick to break very quickly.

Regarding the finishes, they are often less and your seat will therefore be less stylish and more fragile . Indeed, at this price, do not expect to have a worked design or a visual worthy of the name on a cheap gaming chair.


Apart from recognized manufacturers, there are many "brands" offering cheap gaming chairs. These are often offered at lower than average prices. Some brands offer good cheap gaming chairs and others literally "make fun" of you by offering you "bad stuff".

To spot the bad marks of others, here are some tips:

  • Most do not have a website : they are brands with supposedly registered names (which is false most of the time). It is usually sufficient to check whether the brand in question has a website . Or, failing that, if it is possible to contact any customer service which will answer you quickly.
  • Unresponsive customer service is inherent in these bad brands : it can mean that the brand doesn't really exist, and that its products are simply recycling products from another brand.
  • Chinese factories dedicated to this kind of trade : the workers recover components in waste dumps or among the failed products of other factories and manufacture a single stock with a new brand name. Once the stock runs out and the public realizes that the brand is poor, it is replaced with a new one and the process repeats again.

You could of course come across a nugget from time to time, but it is generally not recommended to take a gaming chair at a very low price . You have to know how to distinguish between “low price” and “good value for money”.



Instead, go for an entry-level model from a serious brand : you will pay a little more, but you will get your money's worth because you will have found a good gaming chair with a good quality-price ratio .

Of course, it is tempting to say that it is better to pay 100 to 150€ less for an equivalent product, or a little less good. But that won't be the case. You risk ending up with a poor quality product that you won't know what to do with. Plus a non-existent after-sales service.

Opt instead for the Aerone Bronze gaming chair , for example: despite its cost barely above the entry-level average, you are sure to come across a quality product that will be durable over time and comfortable. for all your seated sessions. Our after-sales service is also very responsive and takes care of all the problems that may be encountered with the products.

It is better to make a single investment of 200€ in a quality product , rather than to make 2 investments of 150€ in two cheap gaming chairs of poor quality! As the adage so aptly says, “one in yours is better than two in the bush”.


A good inexpensive gaming chair that allows you to work comfortably for a few hours is possible, even on a tight budget. Here are the different Aerone tips for finding the right cheap gaming chair , i.e. a product with the best value for money !

The Buyer's Guide to a Good Cheap Gaming Chair

When you want to buy a gaming chair, but you don't have an unlimited budget, it is important to rely on certain aspects of the product more than others. Indeed, depending on the intended use, you do not necessarily need the must in terms of equipment, components and accessories . This guide is therefore dedicated to you so that you can adapt your needs to your budget to find the best possible gaming chair at a lower price.

Choose the appropriate structure

Some gaming chairs offer ultra-reinforced structures. If your budget does not allow you to order this type of product, which is very gaming-oriented and requires continuous use, you must accept the idea of ​​choosing a gaming chair with an entry-level or even mid-range metal structure, either reinforced at minimum. Indeed, choosing a high-end metal will increase the price of your gaming chair and it will not fit into your budget. The important thing is that you can work or game for a few hours while having a durable chair. The must of the structure is not necessary.

The choice of the mechanism of a good cheap gaming chair

Many gaming chair mechanisms are offered depending on the different models. In order not to ruin yourself but to find a comfortable mechanism for you, we advise you to choose a mechanism such as the permanent contact mechanism , which allows you a reclining backrest despite a fixed seat. Indeed, the most expensive mechanisms and not very essential if you are not a massive user of your chair, is the synchronous mechanism.

The type of armrests to choose

The type of armrests is an undeniable element of comfort for a gaming chair but is not essential if you want to save money. Indeed, you will enjoy acceptable comfort for a few hours with 1D or even 2D type armrests , as on the Aerone bronze series . This allows you to have the possibility of lowering the price of your product by adapting to your needs.

Which component to favor on the seat of a gaming chair

Unlike the types of armrests, we advise you to pay attention to the components used for the seat of your seat. Indeed, the material and components of your seat will determine your level of comfort and the durability of the gaming chair. We therefore advise you to opt for memory foam as well as a leather or imitation leather covering to maximize your comfort, as on the Aerone gamer seats.

Choose the right size

The size does not matter, if you know your size and you adapt the choice of your seat to it. A gaming chair that is not necessarily adaptable or even little in terms of size is not a handicap if its use is not continuous.


If you want to find a good inexpensive gaming chair , and you have opted for a seat component such as memory foam with a good coating, you do not necessarily need to take comfort accessories such as a cushion, footrest or headrest. However, with luck, you can find quality brands at a good value that offer gaming chairs with equipment included , at no additional cost, such as the Aerone gaming chairs .



As you will have understood, when choosing a gaming chair, you need to be a strategist. Indeed, the choice of a good cheap gaming chair goes above all through the search for information, the interest in the different products and brands on the market but also by what is important to you. Be objective and do not minimize comfort for a ridiculous price, maximize it on the contrary thanks to accessible products at a good price-quality ratio.

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