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How to clean and maintain a gaming chair?

Comment nettoyer et entretenir une chaise gaming ?

Do you own a gaming chair and want to take care of it to make it durable and comfortable over the long term? Several tips and processes exist to maintain your chair and ensure its longevity.

Indeed, cleaning a gaming chair should not be taken lightly, otherwise it will age prematurely and quickly become unusable. Here are the best practices for cleaning a gaming chair and maintaining it.


Caring for your gaming chair: durability and comfort

Between maintenance and product warranty, here are the best practices for maintaining a gaming chair.

Gaming chair warranty

First of all, it is important to make sure that your gaming chair is guaranteed by the manufacturer who sold it to you. Indeed, this will allow you to reassure yourself about the problems you may encounter. However, without talking about the manufacturer's warranty, you have to be meticulous about the maintenance of your gaming chair.

Maintenance of a gaming chair

First of all, to maintain your gaming chair, you must pay great attention to it, namely to remove dust from daily use, remove any type of hair that clings to it (animals, hair, etc.). Indeed, this will allow you to maintain the good preservation of your backrest and your seat . In order to clean these small matters, we advise you to use a light vacuum cleaner.

In addition, it is also advisable to clean, using a soft, clean cloth, the frames of your gaming chair , namely the armrests , the jack and the entire metal structure of the chair. Also be sure to remove dust from the cylinder mechanism of the latter so that it does not deteriorate over time.

To clean the metal parts, and not the fabric, of your gaming chair, good practice is to use a flannel cloth very lightly soaked in lukewarm water. In any case, avoid abrasive and aggressive products which will only damage your chair.

If your chair is stained by drinks or food, especially on the seat and backrest, adapt each cleaning process to the material of your chair. Indeed, fabric chairs require more care and attention when cleaning than leather or imitation leather. We will tell you the steps to follow later in this article in order to accompany you for an effective and protective cleaning of your product.
For cushions or headrests, nothing could be simpler, wash them by hand when necessary and dry them in the open air, obviously paying attention to the material of the latter.


Cleaning your gaming chair: best practices

For optimal cleaning of your gaming chair , it must be adapted to its material. Indeed, we tell you everything about each cleaning according to each material.

Cleaning a fabric or synthetic fiber gaming chair

After dusting your fabrics, if you want to clean food stains, drink stains or other stains that may affect your seat, you can use some suitable products specially designed for this. Indeed, pay attention to color transfers, the linting of your fabric or even its potential shrinkage.

Here are some tips for targeted tasks:

  • Clean greasy sauce or oil stains: Use talc. Indeed, to clean these encrusting and greasy stains, put talcum powder on the stain(s) and cover everything with a paper towel. Leave on for several tens of minutes and repeat this process several times, until the stain disappears.
  • Cleaning an ink stain: Use alcohol or a suitable solvent. Please put the said alcohol or solvent on the stain and rub gently with a sponge. Once the stain is gone, use a soft cloth lightly dampened in lukewarm water and dab it there to remove excess product and give your chair a healthy clean.
  • Cleaning stuck-on chewing gum: Use an ice cube to put on the chewing gum to solidify it and then remove it completely.

Cleaning a faux leather gaming chair

When caring for a leatherette gaming chair , here's how you should clean it.

Easier to clean, faux leather chairs do not soak up any liquids that may spill into them. Indeed, most of the time a cloth will be enough to remove the liquid stain on the latter. For ink stains, we advise you to use isopropyl alcohol but not strong alcohol. We also advise you to always over-clean afterwards with a cloth lightly soaked in lukewarm water.

cleaning a leather gaming chair

For genuine leather gaming chairs, abrasive and chemical products must be banned. Indeed, to clean these types of chairs, opt for Marseille soap to be affixed to a cotton glove or even a cleaning cream available in many stores. Many polishes exist in particular to protect and embellish your coating, so choose biological polishes instead so as not to attack your gaming chair.

Clean the wheels of your gaming chair

In addition to your daily maintenance and dusting of your chair, and following the cleaning of your chair, it is important not to forget to clean the wheels. Indeed, the wheels of a gaming chair must be cleaned so as not to be blocked and allow you simple and intuitive use.

The cleaning of your wheels is done as follows: remove the debris encrusted in the wheels so that they continue to roll by passing a blade between the wheels and their mounts. You can also vacuum to dislodge the dust and then put a little oil in order to lubricate the structure of the wheels and that the mechanism is fluid.



As you will have understood, maintaining your gaming chair is inevitable if you want to keep it for a long time, and in good condition. Indeed, each small daily gesture to maintain it will allow you to improve its durability and will make you enjoy better comfort. So to your rags!

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