What seat to play the console?

Quel siège pour jouer à la console ?

Playing video games is the favorite pastime of many people. Very often, when followers play it, they devote a lot of time to it. This means that they remain installed in their seat, their eyes glued to the screen of their computer or their television. And this, for several hours in a row. This can unfortunately lead to back pain, as well as aches.

For this reason, it is very important to select your seat carefully when playing the console. In this context, the gaming chair is the best alternative, since this seat has been specially designed for this purpose. But what to choose, knowing that many models are available on the market?

In this article, we invite you to discover what a gaming chair is. You will also find some reasons why it is essential for you to buy one. Last but not least, we present to you the selection criteria to take into account when purchasing your gaming chair.

What you should know about the console chair: the gaming chair

There are several models of armchairs, such as the one for the living room or the one to be placed behind a desk. The model that interests us is the special seat for playing the console . Better known as a “gaming chair” or “gamer chair”, this seat is more suitable for gamers.

Zoom on the chair to play the console

A chair for playing the console is a chair dedicated to video game players. It consists of special materials preventing back pain, sprains and torticollis. Its design has been designed to provide unparalleled comfort to its user.

Also, the console chair has parameters specific to game consoles. This explains the fact that the chairs are available in different models compatible or not with each type of console. This is how in the market we can find armchairs for PS3, for PS4, for XBOX…

In short, an armchair intended for the console allows the player to remain seated for a long time without getting tired quickly. This chair can be configured according to the console, so that the player can fully enjoy his game, without fear of suffering any pain whatsoever.

What are the major differences with the classic office chair?

At first glance, the gaming chair and the office chair look the same. Except that the gaming chair incorporates more advanced technical features than the classic office chair. An office chair, by definition, serves only as a seat for a worker. It does not require any particular technical option.

Ergonomics, like the design of an office chair, simply meets basic needs: a comfortable seat and stability to be able to perform several hours of work. It has a sober, rather conventional look, specific to an office. For its part, the gaming chair is a little more sophisticated, and includes some innovative seat technologies.

Why opt for a special chair for playing the console?

Investing in a gaming chair is all about supporting your health and physical well-being. First, this chair was designed to provide maximum comfort to its user. It has a fairly dense foam padding, giving it a cozy side. The cushions for the head and for the back optimize this comfort, not to mention the upholstery which is either in leather, or in imitation leather, or in fabric.

Also, the chair is known for its durability. The manufacturing materials of the armchair and its configuration make it robust, even if you dedicate it to prolonged and frequent use. Indeed, the covering, which is generally made of leather, the steel frame and the aluminum or metal base, reinforce its solidity.

Finally, on a technical and practical level, the gaming chair is highly appreciated for its sporty racing style, which includes options allowing it to be adjusted to its user. Last point, this chair will bring a cool, geek and gamer look to your decor. It's up to you to see if you have a preference for a sober or more flashy model.

Characteristics of a good gaming chair

Agood console gaming chair has very specific characteristics allowing the player to experience the same sensations as a professional racing driver. Its ergonomics, components and options make this chair a gaming chair par excellence.

The essential ergonomics of the chair

An ergonomic chair is a chair whose design has been designed to preserve the physical health of its user. This type of chair meets three general rules: the backrest is not flat, the chair must necessarily have armrests and a headrest and finally, its height is adjustable to better suit its user. This is exactly the case with the gaming chair.

The ergonomics of the gaming chair thus makes it possible to adopt a correct position for a long period. Cushions are added to the lower part of the back to protect you from lower back pain. that the headrest provides better support for the neck and avoids torticollis. Of course, the gaming chair also has adjustable armrests.

The manufacturing materials of the elements that make up the armchair

The materials used in a console gaming chair have been chosen with the aim of contributing to its longevity, efficiency and comfort. It usually consists of three parts, namely the support of the base and the frame, the covering and the padding.

First, for the frame and the base of the seat, the material is both resistant and easy to maintain. This is the reason why the designers of the armchair use either metal or aluminum. These two materials last over time, and above all, they are light enough to guarantee excellent mobility to the chair.

Next, the padding is made of memory foam. It is this foam that largely depends on the comfort of the seat as soon as you sit on it. For gaming chairs, the new foam used is prepared in a single mould. Thanks to this technique, the foam is more solid and can be used in the long term without losing its cozy side.

Finally, the last material is that of the coating. There are three kinds of coverings for gaming chairs. Leather is probably the most popular covering. This is hardly surprising, given its style, its elegance and its resistance. Faux leather has much the same characteristics as leather, but it is easier to clean. However, the imitation is less robust. Cloth is the last type of coating. Few consumers turn to the fabric gaming chair. However, it has the advantage of being more airy and softer to the touch.

The structure of the gaming chair

A gaming chair mainly consists of the seat, armrests, a tilt system and memory foam. There may of course be other components. This allows the seat to be personalized.

The seat is the main element. Its base is made of metal or steel. This is to ensure great stability. The high density foam allows adaptation to the shape of the player. Its coating improves the seat.

As for its design, it has been imagined in such a way as to prevent the player from getting tired quickly when he spends a long time playing. Its curves are ergonomic and its dimensions are suitable for gamers. In fact, with adjustable height thanks to the tilt system, the measurements of the seat and the location of the cushions, the seat offers customizable convenience.

The options specific to the gaming chair

Gaming chairs can be accompanied by different options to best satisfy the player. Like some types of chairs, models for gamers can be equipped with a legrest in the form of a cushion. It is integrated under the seat and unfolds to form an extension of the seat. This allows the player to adopt a relaxed position.

For the sound to be fluid and for the player to experience their games as if they were there, the majority of gaming chairs are equipped with sound equipment. This equipment is connected to the console via Bluetooth and its volume is adjustable according to the convenience of its user.

Gaming chairs for console or for PC?

On the market, the gaming chair is divided into two main categories: on the one hand, you have the gaming chair for console, and on the other hand the gaming chair for PC. We tend to confuse them except that their technicalities and designs are somewhat dissimilar.

Console gaming chairs

The appearance of the console gamer chair is similar to a racing car seat. However, it has larger dimensions allowing to integrate some accessories. For this purpose, the console gaming chair can be equipped with an audio system, an optional vibration device and other customizable accessories.

The console gaming chair allows the player to interact during games. In addition, each model of console gaming chair is compatible with various consoles, ranging from the PS4 to the PS3, via the PS5 or even the XBOX.

PC gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs benefit from a more contemporary style that is more in line with a workbench. In terms of design, the gaming chair is more akin to office chairs, with its sober and conventional style. You can complete your gaming desk with this seat.

Unlike the console gaming chair, tilting the PC gaming chair remains an option and not a necessary need. In addition, the PC gaming chair does not necessarily contain head and back cushions. These accessories can be found on the console gaming chair.

Finally, the PC gaming chair can be used as a classic office chair. Just adjust the backrest and the height for the seat to be adequate. For those who are working from home, the PC gaming chair will be perfect. You can use it as an office chair or a chair to play on your PC.

How to use the console gaming chair?

The console gaming chair is convenient for the gamer . To play while seated in your seat, you must connect the chair systems with the console. Then, it is essential to properly adjust the armrests and the inclination of the backrest, without forgetting the height of the seat. This, in order to optimize comfort during the long hours spent in front of the screen.

Unlike the PC gaming chair, it is better not to have a gaming chair as an office chair. This, even if with some adjustments it is possible. In any case, for perfect use of your gaming chair, adding several accessories and features will make it even more practical.


To know the answer to the question: "which chair to play on the console?" you have to take several parameters into consideration. So, before buying a chair to play on the console, already see which chair would be compatible with your console. The rest will largely depend on your inclinations. In reality, the choice of colors, style, type of coating and options is up to you. Either way, research and take the time to try out the chair before purchasing it.

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