What's the point of having a gaming chair?


Are you a gamer at heart? You must therefore be aware that playing for several hours in a row can very quickly exhaust your back, especially if you do not adopt a comfortable position. To play without worrying about your back hurting, you need to be comfortable.

This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your game for hours, without anything bothering you. In this context, having a quality gaming chair is essential. This will not only help you avoid back pain, but also fully enjoy your passion for gaming.

Certainly, a good quality office chair can do the trick. However, nothing beats the comfort and ergonomics of the gaming chair. Indeed, the use of a chair intended for gamers, when you play for hours, is of great importance. In this article, find out what it's really worth owning a gaming chair.

The gaming chair: the main points to know

As its name suggests, a gaming chair is a seat dedicated to a video game player. It guarantees optimal comfort and better ergonomics than a classic chair. Thanks to this, you will be able to maintain the seated posture for several consecutive hours without suffering pain or getting tired.

The characteristics of the gaming chair

Generally, the gaming chair is deep and wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably. Supplied with cushions for the lumbar and lower back, it helps to reduce pain related to poor posture and fatigue.

Some models are equipped with adjustable armrests allowing you to support your arms while you play. It will also help you to tire less quickly. In short, the gaming chair is therefore the equipment to have if you spend long hours in front of your television screen playing on your console or in front of the computer.

How to choose your gaming chair?

There are many models of gaming chairs on the market. To make the right choice, you need to study some points. First, consider defining the type of game you play most often. Strategy or shooting games usually require a fairly high chair, while racing games require a low seat.

Second, select the seat according to your morphology. Whether you are small, medium or very tall, it is essential to choose the equipment that will provide you with excellent support. Also, if you suffer from back problems, it would be better to get a chair with a high back.

Last important point, determine the budget you have for the purchase of the gaming chair. The price of a gaming chair can be particularly high. Know how to choose the model that best suits your size and your needs, but also your finances.

What's the point of using a gaming chair instead of another type of seat?

You've probably heard it before, bad posture adopted over a long period leads to chronic diseases, like low back pain and other back pain that can greatly affect the smooth running of your daily life.

Statistics that speak volumes

The data related to back pain are not insignificant. Here are a few :

  • Poor posture when sitting is one of the main reasons for seeing a GP;
  • Past the age of 45, bad posture is the first factor of invalidity at work;
  • More than 80% of French people have back problems because of bad posture.

It is therefore a subject not to be overlooked, especially for gamers. Keeping a still position for hours on a "traditional" chair predisposes to the development of sciatica. By offering yourself an ergonomic gaming chair, you will protect yourself from possible spinal deformities. Also, it will save you from pain in your forearm, neck and shoulders.

Investing in a gaming chair: the best decision

If you spend several hours sitting down, playing a video game, you are strongly recommended to invest in a gaming chair. Ultimately, think of a gaming chair as a long-term investment, especially if you have to sit for hours and hours.

At first glance, it may seem absurd to waste a large sum of money to buy a chair. However, it's not just any chair and the stakes are high. It is actually essential to preserve your health and promote your lifestyle.

Besides, you have something for every budget. With just over a hundred dollars, you can acquire a good quality gaming chair. In any case, if you have to spend a lot of time in a seated posture, you are strongly advised to purchase a gaming chair, instead of settling for an ordinary seat.

In the end, what is the purpose of the gaming chair?

To answer the question initially asked, we will say that the gaming chair is used to sit in front of your screen to play a video game, while enjoying maximum comfort. And this, even if you have to sit for hours. You will then avoid any back problems. And you won't risk getting tired quickly.

All in all, the use of a gamer seat is mainly recommended for health reasons. From a well-being point of view, being comfortably seated in the gaming chair will protect you from stress. You will not suffer the harm of poor blood circulation, or a respiratory problem.

What does the gaming chair have more than a classic office chair?

But what does the gaming chair have that a simple office chair does not offer? This question is relevant and deserves some thought before you start buying a seat that you will devote to your long hours of play. Since this equipment is a long-term investment, it is best to choose it carefully, and to get to know it better.

Gaming chair: better ergonomics and optimum comfort of use

The manufacture of the gaming chair has been specially designed to provide its user with a better gaming experience, increased comfort and a seat allowing them to sit for several hours without feeling back pain. In order to meet these criteria, ergonomics and versatility are essential parameters for the gaming office chair.

In this perspective, the gaming chair is adjustable to different positions. Indeed, you can adjust the inclination of its backrest, adjust the height of the seat and even change the position of the armrests. With all these settings, you can adapt your seat to your morphology and the position you prefer.

Being seated in the greatest comfort, your concentration will be improved. In addition, with the cushions included, you will be able to spare the most stressed parts of your body when you sit down: back, neck, forearms... Note that each gaming chair does not include the same settings and each has a specific resistance. . However, ergonomics is a common criterion for all gaming chairs.

A remarkable design is carefully crafted

The gamer seat features a design inspired by that of the bucket seat found in racing cars. This is among others the case of the chairs of the DXRacer brand . The choice of this design by its designers was made for specific reasons. For the past ten years, e-sport has experienced a meteoric rise. France currently has a federation similar to that of international sports, such as basketball, football, car racing and tennis.

E-sport requires the use of an ergonomic chair, adjustable and with perfect stability. This, in order to achieve better performance and better concentration. The practice of e-sport is illustrated in the same context as car racing. Just like professional pilots, professional video game players need a quality seat to play in excellent conditions. This is the first reason why the manufacturers had the wise idea of ​​taking inspiration from car racing to reproduce the design of the gaming chair.

This is how the design of the gaming chair was born. If you follow a particular e-sports team, be aware that some models sold in limited editions are in team colors, with their logo. Other models have a simpler design and are therefore more affordable. Anyway, opting for a gaming chair will allow you to enjoy a seat with a unique design, to play comfortably. If you have a gaming desk , you can match your seat with it.

The design of the gaming chair

The manufacture of the gaming chair respects a particular process, and the materials that compose it have been selected to guarantee high quality and foolproof robustness. At the same time, its design sports a modern style, in the same structure as the bucket seat found in racing vehicles .

After comparing the composition of the gaming chair and that of a usual chair, you will see how the gaming chair is clearly distinct from the classic office chair. To give you an overview, here are some comparisons:

  • The gaming chair has a sturdy steel structure for the seat and backrest, while the classic seat has a wooden structure;
  • The gaming chair includes a steel support, aluminum for the most sophisticated models against a plastic support for the ordinary office chair;
  • For the covering, that of the gaming chair is made of thick imitation leather, identical to that of luxury cars and living room furniture, while that of an office chair is made of synthetic leather.

As you can see, on the chair intended for the gamer, everything has been thought out in order to offer you the best possible comfort during your hours of play.

Practical features for the gamer

Another advantage of the gaming chair compared to the traditional office chair lies in the number of features it incorporates. This naturally depends on the model chosen. Still, on the basic gaming chair, you are entitled to settings that you will not have on the majority of office chairs.

For example, on your gaming chair, you can tilt the backrest as you wish, and even vertically. In addition, this equipment can be equipped with a lumbar support or a head cushion. Some models also offer a footrest, an adjustment of the armrests, the height of the seat...


Have you understood why it is necessary to have a gaming chair? If you want to play several successive hours without being exhausted, and especially without experiencing pain, having this equipment is essential.

Getting a gaming chair will allow you to indulge in your favorite video games in optimal conditions. This will preserve your health and help you perform better. And when it comes to gaming chairs, there's no shortage of choices.

The gaming chair is available in different models. Its price varies depending on its design, the features it has and its brand. You will certainly find the model that best suits your requirements and your budget.

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