The Twitch Raid: Ultimate Guide


The Raid Twitch , launched in 2011, is a streaming service and is the best way for you to stream, to create strong and trusted bonds with other users of the platform.

Indeed, the Twitch raid will allow you to share your audience with other streamers and mutually bring you growth in your respective communities.

A community share and a channel recommendation that open the doors to success for you. Here is the Ultimate Guide to successful Twitch raids and gain notoriety , credibility while sharing the passion of gaming with all streamers.


What is a Twitch raid?

A Twitch raid allows you to send your viewers to another channel that you have targeted. It allows, in online or offline mode , to redirect the viewers of your channel to a channel that you have targeted.

It is in a way a gift, a recommendation, a sharing. The Twitch raid is used by streamers to increase their visibility .

Indeed, the Twitch raid takes place at the end of the broadcast of a Stream and most of the time is used by known steamers to send their viewers to channels which have the merit of being known but which are not. Again.

What are the differences with the host?

The Twitch raid is distinct from the host. Even if their functions are the same, namely more visibility from one channel to another via the redirection of viewers, the host is accommodation in the strict sense of the term.

In other words, the host moves your stream and chat to a channel that hosts you even if you continue to stream on your own channel. The raid, on the other hand, happens on your channel when viewers are redirected to you and everything happens on your channel and not on another one.
Also, raiding Twitch is an immediate process while hosting is sometimes slower.

To conclude, during a raid all the viewers who watched your broadcast are redirected to the targeted channel while the host directly inserts the video of the targeted channel on your channel.


How does the raid on Twitch work?

Any streamer on Twitch can launch a raid , but first of all you must inform your viewers before you start broadcasting.
After informing the viewers, you must enter raid [channel name] in the chat so that a countdown is set up and informs the viewers that the operation has begun.

As soon as the countdown has reached the end, you will have to choose the option [Start raid now] and your Twitch raid will begin. This will therefore inform viewers and they will be redirected smoothly.

Be careful, if you don't choose [Start raid now], it will take place automatically after 80 seconds. Moreover, if the wish is to cancel the raid, just choose [Cancel] or type [Unraid] in the chat.

How to react live?

When you are live, it is important to warn your viewers , to thank streamers and new viewers who have joined you, to present yourself clearly and quickly while remaining yourself, to explain how your channel works and your added value, introduce the person who initiated the raid or introduce the channel that is going to be targeted for the raid.

Don't hesitate to give a Twitch raid back to the person who made one for you as well in order to thank them and also share your community with them. It is an exchange and it is important to give as much as to receive .

What to do in case of a hostile raid?

We don't wish you that, but if you were to face a hostile raid here's what to do:

  • Report or block the inappropriate channel : To do this, go to the "gear" icon in the settings at the bottom right of the chat and select [View recent raids] in the [Tasks] tab. Then select [Report or Block]. As soon as you perform these actions, these chains will no longer be able to raid yours.
  • Ban Individual Chat Participants : Either temporarily or permanently, your moderators or broadcasters can ban chat participants if they believe they are offensive and harassing. For this, you have available moderation tools including AutoMod.


Benefits of a Twitch Raid

A Twitch Raid has all the perks to please you. Indeed, it brings you many features to expand and create your community of viewers. Yes, it's a mutual aid action that allows lesser-known streamers to be recommended by the biggest and thus gain notoriety on the platform.

It is in a way the guarantee and the credibility given by a streamer listened to, recognized and loved to help the little ones to make their place on Twitch .


How to manage a raid on your Twitch channel?

Running a Twitch raid on your channel is very important as it will boost viewer interaction and benefit you in acquiring new followers.

You must control your channel and help yourself with the different tools of the platform to achieve this in the best way.

In other words, as we told you above, introduce yourself in a dynamic and succinct way, use clear terms, thank the streamer who raided you and animate your broadcast to make viewers want to stick with it. you as long as possible and thus retain them.

And don't forget to send the raid back to the channel that targeted you to thank it.

Guide to adjusting chat settings

Here are some tips to properly set up your chat and avoid any disappointment during your streams:

  • Use chat moderation tools to reduce spam or even delete it. Simply select the “Gears” icon at the bottom right of the chat pane.
  • If you want interactions simply in emoticons to avoid phrases in the chat, you can do it in the settings
  • You can choose who has the right to speak in the chat : either everyone, or subscribers, or followers
  • You can activate the "slow" mode forcing viewers to respect a delay before posting the next message in the chat (it's up to you to set the duration)

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