5 Tips to increase your FPS in game


FPS, Frame Per Second , is the number of frames your graphics card generates per second . The higher the number of your FPS, the more your game will be fluid and therefore pleasant, especially for long gaming sessions.

It is possible to increase its FPS via special settings ! We give you all the keys so that you know how to increase your FPS and take full advantage of your gaming games . Here are our top 5 tips for increasing your in-game FPS.


FPS, what is it?

The Frame Per Second is the quantity of images generated by your graphics card per second ! In other words FPS is very important for a smoother picture .

Indeed, the more FPS you have, the easier it will be to analyze fast movements during a gaming session because there will be much less latency.

Note that it is necessary that you maintain consistency between the performance possible with your graphics card and your screen .


Why earn FPS?

Increasing your FPS allows less latency in game movements, more speed of execution , fluidity in gaming parts and therefore better performance .

There is no ideal number of FPS but we advise you to choose around 60 FPS if you play PC games and 144FPS if they are games requiring maximum responsiveness such as car games or shooting games.

And above all, as we told you earlier in the article, don't forget the importance of having a number of FPS adapted to the capacity of your screen in order to reduce lag. Indeed, the lag is the execution time between an action and the display of the latter on your gamer screen.


5 tips to earn FPS easily

So how do you increase your FPS?

Here are 5 tips to earn FPS easily and effectively.


To increase your FPS it is important to have your drivers up to date. Indeed, updating your drivers improves your gaming experience with fewer bugs , higher performance and in order to have better use of your processor and graphics card.

To have up-to-date drivers, you just have to go to manufacturer sites such as Nvidia, AMD or Intel or go through software that will automate all this for you, such as Driver Booster.


Optimizing your game video settings is also a must thing to increase your FPS .

Depending on your hardware, the optimization of your settings can be done automatically on some video games. If this is not the case, you can manually adjust your settings by optimizing them to maximize your performance and avoid any impact in terms of graphics.

Here are some recommended settings:

  • Disable the anti-aliasing filter to adjust the so-called aliasing effect (values ​​such as x2 or x4 to have a good filter intensity)
  • Try disabling anisotropic filter
  • Gauge vertical sync

A little tip: the smaller the pixels, the better the performance , so it's up to you to find the right balance in order to find the right performance and display.


To increase your FPS, it is also important to clean your computer .

For this you can:

  • Defragment your hard disk : this will optimize the use of the location of your data in the memory of your hard disk in order to lighten it and allow it to be more efficient and responsive.

In order to properly defragment your hard disk, we advise you to go through tools like CCleaner which erases unnecessary or old files in order to free up memory and thus relieve your PC. You can also buy an SSD to replace your hard drive and increase the speed of your PC.


No frills to prevent your PC from being slow . Lightening your PC as much as possible is important to increase your FPS.

Indeed, the longer you keep the essentials on your PC, the faster it will run, so don't hesitate to sort through your applications, files, recorded conversations, etc.


Overclocking your graphics card will allow you to fully exploit its potential and thus gain in FPS .

The majority of graphics cards are limited by their manufacturers to improve their durability, but you can increase its power by 5-10% and still maintain its lifespan .

Some software such as MSI AfterBurner allows you to effectively tune your graphics card. To increase the voltage and/or the frequency of your graphics card you can also use the Everest software.

Be careful, overclocking should be done if and only if you are familiar with it because it is technical and requires certain knowledge so if you are a novice we do not recommend that you start this process to gain in FPS.


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