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Finding the best gaming mic for your needs isn't easy. Whether for streaming, creating content, communicating or recording, there are different gaming microphones (dynamic microphones or condenser microphones) suitable for each use and with various characteristics (type of directivity, accessories, options, design, hiss, sensitivity, audio quality, etc.).

In order to help you in your quest for the best micro-gamer, we have prepared a selection of the best devices with our advice for choosing the one you need.


Why buy a gaming microphone?

Buying a micro-gamer is important for any gamer, streamer or pc worker. Indeed, the quality of the audio from your microphone allows better communication, a better understanding and a certain cohesion , especially during online games.

For this, there are basic micro-gamer headsets as well as stand-alone micro-gamers for better audio quality.

Before choosing your micro-gamer, you must take into account the following criteria:

  • Directivity: there are several audio recording directivities on gaming microphones, including recording from the front, from the front & back, and also from all directions
  • The breath: this is the noise that your micro-gamer makes and produces during use
  • Sensitivity: it must be high in order to have a sensitive micro-gamer and low for a microphone that requires it less. The sensitivity is expressed in decibels and its level must be chosen according to the use you will make of your microphone
  • The footprint: also called the response curve, the footprint determines the sound frequencies that can be produced by the micro-gamer. In other words, it determines the amplitude of the latter (recording amplitudes of low, medium or high sounds).

The different types of microphone recording

There are different types of directivity , ie microphone recording. They are the following:

  • Cardioid: the so-called Cardioid micro-gamer is a microphone that records audio from the front , i.e. any sound that is in front of the microphone
  • Bidirectional: the bidirectional meanwhile records the sound in front of and behind the microphone , thus offering a more fleshed out directivity
  • Omnidirectional: the omnidirectional is the one that will allow you to record the sound from all directions , and this in an equal way


Our selection of the best gaming microphones

After explaining the general characteristics and criteria of a micro-gamer, here is a selection of the best micro-gamers according to the different types of use.

A headset for occasional gamers: the Logitech G Pro

We start with the headset because it offers real advantages: it is easy to store and the sound is spatialized to identify when you play. The Logitech G Pro is the most economical micro-gamer headset while offering the qualities required for good comfort when you play online. Equipped with a quality microphone, the Logitech G Pro allows no voice distortion despite audio that is less convincing. It is therefore the perfect ally for casual gamers and is offered at an unbeatable price.


A wireless headset: the Steelseries Arctis 7 Headset

The Steelseries Arctis 7 headset is the best wireless gaming headset for us . Indeed, it offers superior comfort for small and medium heads. It also allows you 24 hours of autonomy and a noise canceling function. This two- way gaming headset allows for crystal clear voice and quiet background sound.


An inexpensive stand microphone: the Blue Snowball

If you have a reduced budget and you prefer a standing microphone for better sound quality, we advise you to opt for the Blue Snowball which is the bestseller in its category. It allows you superior sound quality and is particularly suitable for multimedia production, singing or music . In addition, its use is flexible and allows you to record any type of sound (from the loudest to the lowest). A little extra, the Blue Snowball is available in three colors so that you can match your equipment to your interior: granite white, brushed aluminum and shiny black. What bring you design, performance, power and comfort.


A versatile stand microphone: The Rode NT USB

Our selection of micro-gamer with the best quality/price ratio is the Rode NT USB . Superior performance and ease of use and installation are the qualities of this standing micro-gamer. Indeed, this condenser microphone with a large membrane allows a good frequency and therefore makes it a good USB gaming microphone . Offering quality materials and a cardioid polar pattern , this microphone is the ideal companion for streaming recording or making podcasts.


A portable gaming microphone: The Samson Go Mic Portable

Audio quality, affordable price and good portability are the strong points of the Samson Go Mic Portable micro-gamer . One of the latest additions to the brand's range, the Samson Go Mic Portable is for us one of the best in its category. Indeed, not only practical and compact, it is a durable condenser micro-gamer offering good audio quality . Equipped with a USB port, it offers versatility thanks to a directivity that can be chosen (either cardioid for recordings alone or omnidirectional for your recordings in groups of people). So for your mobile audio recordings, we advise you to opt for the Samson Go Mic Portable.


A versatile micro-gamer: The Blue yeti

The Blue Yeti micro-gamer is the most versatile of them all . Whether you are a gamer, streamer, whether you make sound, video or podcasts, this versatile microphone will undoubtedly satisfy you. This is our favorite Aerone! Equipped with the brand's own triple capsule technology , the quality of the audio and sound of the Blue Yeti micro-gamer is without appeal! So as you will have understood, if you want a compact, powerful and versatile micro-gamer then opt for the Blue Yeti micro-gamer.

In order to conclude on these recommendations and tips for finding the right gaming microphone, it is important to note that standing gaming microphones will be much better in terms of sound than headset gaming microphones . Don't forget to also take into account the price, the adaptability to your setup and the quality of sound and audio when choosing your micro-gamer.

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