Steam Deck: the Valve console that goes further than the Switch


Are you ready for the arrival of a new portable console next December? Following Valve's announcements on July 15, we are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Steam Deck at the end of 2021 !

Indeed, this “all-in-one” portable device will be a real ally for you gamer. You can take it everywhere to play in your favorite places and especially whenever you want. You can now reserve your Steam Deck online to receive it in December.

In order to be ready to take full advantage, here's what to remember about Valve's new portable flagship console: the Steam Deck.


1 - A powerful portable console

Valve's Steam Deck promises superior power. Indeed, equaling a very good gaming PC , the Steam Deck will be equipped with an AMD Zen 2 processor (as on the last PS5 ), an AMD RDNA 2 graphics card and 16GB of RAM . And that's not all, because the Steam Deck will run under Steam OS 3.0 and will offer a KDE Plasma graphical interface . In short, great promises of performance and power!


2 - Valve competes with Nintendo and its Switch

Due to an identical format, Valve's Steam Deck competes with Nintendo's Switch and establishes itself as a portable PC gamer console. Indeed, thanks to a 7-inch touch screen , and therefore larger than its direct competitor the Switch, the Steam Deck will be more massive.

With a format almost similar to the Switch, the Steam Deck will be the so-called next-gen console. Between equipment, components, performance and power, Valve intends to distinguish its Steam Deck to facilitate the user experience of each gamer and make their games moments of intense pleasure.

a - A release for Christmas 2021

As announced by Valve, the Steam Deck will be available for delivery for Christmas 2021 . So this is an opportunity to treat yourself for the end of the year celebrations by ordering your Steam Deck online now and playing PC games “in portable mode” !


3 - Your Steam games everywhere with you

The Steam Deck will allow you to play Steam games wherever you want . In addition to being mobile and powerful, this hybrid gaming machine is modular and can also be connected to a screen, a mouse and a keyboard to become a real PC gamer . Do not worry about its compatibility because you can connect any type of USB device .

4 - 3 models from 419€

If you want to crack for this mobile game console, the Steam Deck is offered in 3 different versions with an entry level at 419€.

  • The 64GB Steam Deck which is the basic model and offered at 419€
  • The Steam Deck with a 256GB SSD offered at €549
  • The 512GB Steam Deck which is sold at 679€

Note that you can expand the storage of your Steam Deck if you wish by adding SD cards .

5 - The portable console war will take place

With the arrival of the Steam Deck and the presence of the Nintendo Switch, which was the leader, the portable console war is on! Indeed, by offering its portable console, Valve wishes to compete with the market favourite: the Nintendo Switch . But Nintendo has not said its last word because it seems that an one-upmanship could take place with the portable Switch-like console .

To be continued…

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