XXL Aerone Kingo Light Blue Mouse Pad

XXL Aerone Kingo Light Blue Mouse Pad

  • The XXL Aerone gaming mouse pad provides a large surface so you never lose control of your mouse.

    This large mouse pad is designed for gamers and professionals who want comfort at the end of their wrist.

    The flexible and fabric cover of the Aerone mouse pad allows you to obtain a perfect glide cut for the speed and precision of the mouse.

    An XXL mouse pad for gamers that can accommodate your keyboard or your laptop to make typing on your keyboard even quieter.

    The Aerone Kingo mouse pad has dimensions of 850 x 450 mm which allows ample movement with the mouse. With its thickness of only 3 mm, you benefit from a stable glide without fault on all desks. The base of the mat is made of non-slip rubber for a perfect grip.

    When you have tasted the comfort of the XXL mouse pad, it is impossible to go back!

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