Aerone Spider Web Floor Mat - Octagonal Shape

Aerone Graphic Floor Mat

3 Avis

  • The non-slip Aerone gamer floor mat provides a comfortable surface that limits the noise of the wheels of your gamer chair.

    This large size floor mat is designed for players and professionals who want comfort under their feet.

    Protect your floor

    Ideal on your parquet floor, this Aerone floor mat prevents scratches on the floor from office chair wheels.

    Its soft, foamed upholstery makes it easy to position your office chair without fear of damaging the floor while reducing rolling noise.

    Complete your Aerone universe with the complete setup

  • Gamer decor is more and more trendy! Succumb to the charm of the Aerone gaming universe by keeping the color code of our products. Our Deep Blue or Ice White Aerone gaming chairs go perfectly with this Graphic floor mat.

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