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A Nintendo Switch OLED instead of a Switch Pro with light interest

Une Nintendo Switch OLED au lieu d'une Switch Pro à l'intérêt léger

It was on July 6 that the new version of the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch OLED , was unveiled. Despite some disappointments because very few technical improvements, especially in terms of processor and performance, the Switch OLED offers a better display, superior storage and an Ethernet port.

We therefore invite you, through this article, to discover everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch OLED and the experience that is promised to you if you are a future owner. Note that there will therefore be no Nintendo Switch Pro, disappointment for the entire gaming community.


Finally no Switch Pro at E3

To everyone's surprise, the announcement scheduled for the expected E3 2021 did not have the desired effect. Indeed, it is in a more intimate and less grandiose way that the Nintendo Switch OLED has therefore been announced. As you have seen, there is therefore no Switch Pro but an OLED Switch .

Neither 4K nor new performance

Following the announcement of the arrival of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, we know a little more about its characteristics. Indeed, we will not have the privilege of having a 4K definition (in dock mode) nor new performances on this version of the hybrid console, in short, no improved modifications on the hardware side.

However, some changes and improvements will allow you to have a better user experience. We therefore present them to you in the rest of the article.

But a better-looking 7-inch screen

The new Nintendo Switch OLED has a new, much more beautiful screen offering superior colors but also larger . Indeed, the old screen was 6.2 inches and the new version offers 7 inches to improve image quality and visual well-being. Don't think the larger screen size will get you a better resolution as the latter remains unchanged at 720p .

And a new base with Ethernet socket

With a new base offering an Ethernet socket , the Nintendo Switch OLED becomes more practical. Indeed, thanks to a docking station and connectivity, it is therefore easier to recharge the latter and/or connect it to a screen . In addition, via the new LAN port you can connect to the internet via the dedicated Ethernet cable.


Disappointed gamers

The entire gaming community, however, remains a little disappointed with these lesser improvements in this new version of the Nintendo Switch . Indeed, gamers expected much more than a simple evolution of the screen, the LAN port and the colors. It may therefore be necessary to wait for newcomers to the Nintendo family before finding the desired console with superior performance and technicalities.


Nintendo victim of the shortage

The Nintendo Switch OLED was announced despite the expectation of a Switch Pro. It should be noted that many brands struggle to supply themselves, especially here with more efficient chips. Indeed, the shortage of Chinese parts influences the new ranges which therefore played against the Switch.

To conclude this article, the new Nintendo Switch OLED version will therefore be released on October 08, 2021 but will not surprise as much as we expected. Disappointments in terms of improving the long-awaited Nintendo Pro.

But the Nintendo Switch OLED still offers some improvements that allow for greater visual comfort and user experience (7-inch OLED screen, better audio, 64GB higher memory, adjustable stand and Ethernet port).

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