Facebook integrates advertising on Oculus Quest VR headsets

Facebook intègre la publicité sur les casques VR Oculus Quest

Facebook announced on June 16 the start of advertising via Oculus virtual reality (VR) headsets on its platform.

Thanks to this new form of advertising , Facebook will therefore try to obtain more information and data on your online behavior when you play. A new way of communicating via Oculus applications to target the behavior of users who can, despite everything, manage advertisers' advertisements as they see fit (deletion, moderation, display, advertising rules).


1. Gamers angry at Facebook

With the latest announcements from Facebook, the gaming community is not satisfied , especially when we know the liabilities of the platform which has already disappointed before.

Indeed, for Facebook it is a question of testing new ways of creating income among developers but what will happen to the reality following this test.

  • Takeover by Facebook in 2014 for 2 billion

For the record Oculus VR3 is an American VR company that was bought by Facebook in 2014 for 2 billion dollars. Now a subsidiary of Facebook, this VR company offers two virtual reality headsets: the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift .

This takeover by Facebook of Oculus VR3 was, already at the time, not well received by gamers so as much to tell you that this new integration of advertisements on Oculus Quest VR headsets is generating new reluctance from the gaming community.

  • Mandatory registration of a Facebook account to play in 2020

To be able to use your Oculus since 2020, you must register on Facebook . This obligation has therefore created real indignation on social networks, thus creating a great wave of #badbuzz.

According to Facebook, the advertisements that will be broadcast in VR should not be based on the data of the sensors of the virtual reality helmets but your Facebook account information will be used.


2. In-game advertising in 2021

Put advertising in games from 2021 , here is what Facebook has confirmed. Indeed, this should help game and/or application developers to innovate and create new methods of remuneration. In other words, this would not serve to increase the flow of advertisements appearing on Facebook but rather to help developers by providing them with user feedback .

You may, you users, however, have the possibility of following the link of the advertisement, reporting it or hiding it individually (it is up to you to see if it interests you or not).


3. A test phase that should become permanent

This test phase will take place in this way: a first test which will be limited to three applications/games in order to have an overview of the feedback from the tests (game developers and users of the Oculus Quest headset).

You will therefore soon be able to see advertisements in your VR headset , in particular in three applications (the Blason shooter from Resolution Games and two others unknown to date).

Note that the data resulting from this test phase will in no way be used for advertising purposes and that no physical data will be used. Indeed, what will be processed are the data of hand and eye movements during game experiences that can be used by developers.


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