What Gaming decorations?

Quelles décorations Gaming ?

A piece for gamer, which video game fan wouldn't want it! Easy to set up, a gaming space can feature different decorations, depending on the preferences of the gamer. But be aware that a gaming decoration should reflect the world of video games and offer a space where you can escape into your world apart, which is the game. You can then travel freely in this virtual sphere and at the same time enjoy from the comfort of your home.

If you like to spend several hours in front of your console, your computer or your television screen, having a cozy corner, which can help you perfect your game, will be beneficial to you. So, if you want to create a gaming area at home, whether in your bedroom, your office or in the living room, you will have to choose the ideal decoration. To help you, discover our tips and tricks in the following lines.

Gaming decoration

The essential equipment and furniture for the development of the gaming space

Gaming decoration can be within the reach of all gamers, provided they bet on the right combinations and install the right furniture and equipment. First of all, for your space to be functional and deserve the name of gaming corner, it must include the following elements:

  • A desk chair or gaming chair;
  • A special gamer TV stand;
  • A desk or a gaming table to place your computer and essential peripherals;
  • Shelves for storing video games and other gamer accessories...

The goal is to create an atmosphere specific to gaming. In order to arrange this space, you will have to select the right material. Also, for your decoration to be trendy, prefer modern furniture with refined lines.

Apart from the gaming chair, the gamer desk and the television cabinet, you can add other elements to maximize your comfort. You can then install more storage to better organize your gaming room. And since you'll likely be spending several hours gaming, a couch will come in handy for resting between gaming sessions.

With a few additional decorative elements, you will bring a touch of originality to your room. If you find any, don't hesitate to lay down a floor mat with a gaming spirit, gadgets or goodies that you have unearthed in game stores. Another thing, in a room or space dedicated to video games, you should not neglect the quality of the sound. You'll actually have to turn to a high-definition audio system in order to fully immerse yourself in the action.

A few things to note about the TV stand and screen

The main piece of furniture you need in your gaming corner, the TV cabinet must be chosen with care. You will obviously use it to install your connected television, but also your game console, your Internet box, your controllers... If you want a modern decor, consider adding LED lighting to your installation. The effect will be more than original.

If you have the possibility, the best would be to have a giant screen in order to display a perfect resolution of images, which would immerse you completely in your game. With a curved and panoramic computer screen, you will benefit from a very wide view. You will play in optimal conditions. If you play on a console, equipping yourself with a curved 4K screen will help polish your gaming decor, while giving you an excellent display.

Gaming decoration

A few details on the gaming desk

When choosing a gaming desk, you will have to base yourself on a certain number of criteria, including:

  • The weight of your equipment: screen, audio equipment;
  • The space you have;
  • The number of screens to place on the desktop;
  • The decorative style you plan to create.

Depending on your preferences, your budget and the decor, you can opt for different desk models, ranging from the corner desk to the XXL gaming desk, through the all-metal desk or the desk with extension. It's up to you to see which model will best meet your expectations.

And for the seats to adopt for the decoration of the gaming room?

In a gamer's room, you will undoubtedly need an office area. And who says office, necessarily says sitting, and in this specific case, we are talking about a gaming chair. This is a basic element to have in order to be perfectly installed and comfortably play your PC games. For this reason, its choice should in no way be taken lightly, both aesthetically and for your comfort.

Gaming chairs, there is something for all tastes and all budgets. Their price can indeed vary from a hundred euros to a thousand euros, or even a little more. You will therefore select the model that will best meet all your requirements. It comes in many colors and various shapes.

And if you are used to spending more than 8 hours playing, provide additional seating to optimize your comfort. For example, you can equip yourself with poufs to rest your feet, or why not a small sofa, if your space allows it. This will allow you at the same time to have a warm little corner to receive your friends. And to perfect your comfort even more, a few cushions here and there are not to be refused.

A word of advice: choose models of gaming chairs with headrests, armrests and footrests. For a harmony of your decorative elements, choose furniture in the same color. This will promote your decoration and avoid missteps.

Tips for choosing the right lighting for your gaming room

Whether you have a small or a large room, if you are a gamer at heart, you should know that lighting is of major importance in a gaming room. Artificial or natural, light will help you stay focused on your game and not strain your eyesight.

Regarding lighting, the following recommendations will be of great help to you. First, be aware that it is preferable to opt for indirect light sources, as this will diffuse low light, so as not to attack the eyes. For a style oriented towards modernity, integrate colored LED lights, which you can configure to the rhythm of your game.

Also, make sure that the location of the lights is perpendicular to your window, if your room has them. To dim the light during the day, consider installing blackout curtains. It's up to you to have them in a solid color or with patterns based on the theme of gaming.

Gaming decoration

Things to remember for storage

In order to fully relax in your play corner, you need to organize every surface and banish clutter. To do this, you can add some storage, which will not only allow you to organize all your gaming stuff, but also to add a decorative touch to your room.

You will need to store your video games, your magazines and the accessories you use to play. Aside from shelving, you can place a gamer display case in your gaming room. You'll display your most valuable gamer treasures there. Some shops offer baskets, storage boxes, some of which can be used as poufs. That way you can sit there. Better yet, being stored in an orderly fashion, you will find each of your accessories very easily.

Wall gaming decoration: how to perfect it?

When you design the decoration of a gaming space, you must take into account the wall decoration. For the covering of the walls, go for the wallpaper, which you can choose plain, with geometric patterns or patterns from your favorite video games. You can apply it on all your walls or only on two sections of walls. This will prevent you from overloading the decor too much.

If you have a penchant for painted walls, to highlight them, decorate them with photo frames, posters or small shelves on which you will put your figurines or trophies, if you have them.

Gaming decoration

Gaming decoration according to the room to be fitted out

Whatever the room in which you want to create a gaming atmosphere, always keep in mind the practical side. This will allow you to combine business with pleasure. Below, we therefore suggest some ideas for decorating a bedroom, a living room and an office in a gaming spirit.

A beautiful gaming decor in the bedroom

To successfully furnish a bedroom and transform it into a space dedicated to gaming, several solutions are available to you. For furniture, as has already been mentioned, the main thing comes down to the gaming chair to be combined with a desk, ideally matched, a cozy sofa if you play on your TV screen...

To complete the whole thing, bet on geek wallpaper, with which you will cover one or two sections of wall and no more. Otherwise, it would weigh down the decor. You can choose a model in the image of your favorite game. On the walls, you can also stick stickers.

And as we said, lighting is everything. In the bedroom, colored neon lights will do the trick, as will luminous panels, ideally to be fixed near or above the play area. To this you will add ambient lights, which are as practical as they are decorative. There are all kinds, including the image of a video game character.

What is the gaming living room made of?

In a living room, it is absolutely possible to combine gaming and decoration. To do this, just be creative. Unlike a decor in the bedroom, that of the living room will be minimalist. For example, choose furniture in a neutral color. The same goes for all decorative accessories:

  • Coffee table in wood, or in black or white;
  • Solid color curtains;
  • A dark-colored carpet or gamer rug;
  • A comfortable couch or sofa.

On the coffee table or the TV cabinet, you can install some decorative objects, such as a vase with a green plant, a photo frame or scented candles. You can decorate a corner of the room with a backlit showcase. You will store your figurines, magazines, games...

Gaming decoration

What about the special gamer desk?

Arrange an office area in a gaming style, here is an original idea. To do this, the gaming desk must be practical, but also aesthetic. In addition to this, you are recommended to purchase an ergonomic, solid and functional office table. A practical desk is also a piece of furniture with several spaces and storage. To optimize your desktop for video games, here are some essential elements to benefit from the best configuration:

  • A very wide top for more comfort;
  • An office chair with an adjustable backrest and armrests;
  • Drawers for storing accessories;
  • A compartment to place the central unit of the computer;
  • A riser for the screen.

With all this, you will play comfortably and you will reduce the risk of back pain. An accessory that you must not forget, so as not to see your wires intertwine: invest in a cable management. This gadget will allow you to organize the cables of all the peripherals of your computer.

All in all, in order to relax and take full advantage of your gaming moments, nothing beats a well-organized and clean gaming space, just for you. This gaming corner, you can arrange it in your bedroom, in your living room or in the room that serves as your office. For a successful gaming decor, many options are possible. Just remember that comfort, aesthetics and practicality are the watchwords. In addition, the choice of furniture, decorative accessories, lighting and wall decoration must be made with the greatest care. Last tip, know how to combine colors and avoid overloading your decor too much.

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