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Video game lovers know this very well, especially car racing and airplane game enthusiasts. To play in the best conditions and achieve feats, being equipped accordingly is essential. If instead of the traditional controllers the designers have proposed a racing wheel accompanied by a pedal, today they have even better to offer: the racing and flight simulation seat. The simulator seat allows you to play more comfortably and reproduce the real situations of a real car racer. But then, what type of racing simulation seat should you select from the many models available on the market? To help you in your choice, we invite you to continue reading. You will know the main criteria to take into consideration to choose the model that is right for you. And with our Top 5, you will have a better overview of what is currently best in terms of simulator seats.

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Race simulation seat: kézako and why get one?

The simulation seat is a reproduction of the seat used in racing and F1 vehicles or in the cockpit of a helicopter or an airplane. This seat is usually found in the army, in a specialized salon or in a professional automobile training institute. To date, more and more French gamers are adopting it in order to enjoy excellent comfort and a unique gaming experience.

Whether it's a flight simulator seat, a PS5 simulation seat or a PC airplane cockpit, the gaming chair allows you to experience more than realistic driving sensations. Several accessories and options are added to the seat to guarantee optimal virtual driving. If you are a fan of games such as F1, Need For Speed ​​or Collin Mac Ray, this equipment will surely please you.

All gamers who have ever used a video game steering wheel know full well that it is essential to have a robust installation for ideal driving comfort. If you're used to playing on your PC screen, fixing your hardware securely to your table may be enough. However, if you play on a large screen, it will be more complex to install your gaming accessories.

You can own the most sophisticated steering wheel, coupled with a quality shifter and solid pedals. But you will not be able to use it properly without a suitable support. In this specific case, the racing simulation seat is the product for you. You'll be comfortable behind the wheel, while your feet won't slip when you press the pedals. Hence the usefulness of owning the simulator seat.

The main elements to consider before acquiring a simulator seat

Just like that of the gaming desk , the choice of your simulation chair should not be taken lightly. To enjoy optimal comfort during your hours of play, you must indeed select the model that best meets your needs and meets certain standards in terms of quality and solidity. Thus, apart from the budget you have, you will have to take into account a few selection criteria.

gaming and simulation chair

The design of the F1 simulation seat

If you want to buy a gaming chair, do not neglect its design. This must be close to that of a real rally seat. The simulation seat is generally characterized by a rather high backrest and a seat leaning backwards and often low. The player therefore does not risk slipping.

To benefit from maximum comfort, it would be best to bet on a PC bucket seat. The design of this type of seat perfectly follows the lines of the body. However, if you do not like the design of the bucket seat, you can opt for models with a more sober style.

On the structure side, you usually have the choice between a cylindrical or rectangular grind. In any case, before you decide to buy, make sure that the finish of your gaming chair is perfect. This will save you from unpleasant surprises.

The robustness of the gaming chair frame

If you like racing games, you don't know that a steering wheel with force feedback can be difficult to master. On the one hand, you must fix the steering wheel well and on the other hand, you must ensure that your car simulator seat is very solid.

For your installation to be durable, you are advised to choose a gaming chair with a resistant frame, made of PVC or steel. It will then be able to support your weight properly. In addition, a sturdy seat will be a guarantee of comfort.

Choose a steering wheel compatible with your gaming accessories

Before purchasing the simulation seat, check that it is compatible with the steering wheel it will have to accommodate. In principle, most designers have supports capable of receiving almost all types of steering wheels. On this side, you should not have any problem, although it is recommended to check this point before buying the wheelchair.

Speaking of compatibility, find out if the seat you are planning to buy is compatible with your video game console. It is indeed preferable to have a flight simulator seat that also serves as a PS5 simulation seat and a PC airplane cockpit. You can then play on several media: PS3, PC, PS4, Xbox One and even the new, lighter PS5 .

Ultra lightweight PS5 console

Comfort of use: an important criterion

In the criteria mentioned above, comfort has already been mentioned. It is totaly normal. If you're a serious gamer, you probably know that a gaming session can last several hours at a time. For this reason, being comfortably installed is crucial, in order to protect yourself from pain in the posterior or back pain.

It is therefore clear that the choice of seat is fundamental. Choose PC bucket seat models, with a soft backrest and seat and soft yet thick padding. The main thing is that the flight simulator seat gives you maximum comfort.

In addition, prefer a seat that can adapt to your morphology and your riding style. A seat on which you can adjust the height of the steering wheel, but also the inclination of the seat. A chair placed on rails will be easier to configure.

Features of a good simulator seat

Why did you decide to buy an F1 simulation seat? This is of course to find you in the conditions of a real race. Thus, it is essential to turn to a model with the best features.

With this in mind, opt for a seat with a table for easy installation of your steering wheel. A support to accommodate the pedals would also be welcome. To fully experience the sensations of racing, the flight simulator seat is recommended.

Another significant point: the screen should display good image quality for an unbeatable gaming experience. In order to improve your field of vision, select a chair on which you can have two to three screens at the same time.

gaming and simulation chair

Our top 5 of the best simulation seats of the moment

As you will have understood, to enjoy a unique gaming experience, the racing simulation chair is essential. But not just any gaming chair . To give you a better idea of ​​the ideal simulator seat, we have selected the 5 best models of the moment.

Playseat Evolution Alcantara: the most complete seat

Available on the market for 2 years already, the Playseat Evolution Alcantara is a complete course simulation seat. This naturally consists of a seat, but also of all the necessary supports for the steering wheel and the pedals. Used by professional pilots who testify to its quality, this PC airplane cockpit faithfully reproduces the driving sensations of a real F1 car.

With a black chassis and Alcantara upholstery, a material found on racing vehicle seats, this seat features a patented folding design, allowing you to store it with ease. You can use it with the cranksets and steering wheels of the most famous brands. You will surely love it!

Strong points :

  • Compatible with PS2, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and with Mac and PC operating systems;
  • Simple to assemble and adjust;
  • Adjustable and sturdy frame;
  • Gives the impression of being in a luxury car;
  • Excellent value.

Weak points :

  • Slightly bulky stand center tube;
  • Inability to adjust the inclination of the cockpit seat, steering wheel and backrest;
  • No armrests.

Playseat Gran Turismo: the official simulator seat for GT fans

Gran Turismo

With this car simulator seat, you will live an unforgettable racing experience on your favorite game Gran Turismo. And for good reason, the seat helps to make driving more realistic and more entertaining. With its high quality coating embellished with the official GT logos and its solid and fully adjustable frame, you will benefit from maximum playing comfort.

The seat can support a player whose weight is between 20 and 122 kg and height varying from 120 to 220 cm. You will have no difficulty mounting your simulation seat. Its folding mechanism will allow you to store it easily. In addition, it is compatible with all PC systems and game consoles.

Strong points :

  • Easy assembly;
  • Excellent playing comfort;
  • High stability of the seat;
  • Unique design;
  • Resistant and compact support.

Weak points :

  • Relatively high price;
  • No support for the gear lever.

RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055: immerse yourself in the "Fast & Furious" universe

Here is a PC bucket seat that promises you long moments of play in the greatest comfort. As functional as it is robust thanks to its tubular steel frame, the RaceRoom Game Seat RR3055 will allow you to play on any console, Xbox or PlayStation, but also on PC.

Equipped with an ergonomic enveloping backrest, this simulator seat is able to support your spine to guarantee you long gaming sessions. In addition, it is possible to adjust the pedal and steering wheel supports.

Strong points :

  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly;
  • Folding seat in solid PVC leather;
  • Very comfortable seat;
  • Ergonomic backrest.

Weak points :

  • Fairly heavy seat;
  • No headrest cushion.

Playseat F1 Formula PRO: ultimate comfort for a unique gaming experience

The Playseat brand definitely has several strings to its bow. Leader on the market for racing seats, this brand offers several quality models, including the Playseat F1 Formula PRO. A special edition of the brand, this racing simulation seat has been specially developed for Formula 1 racing enthusiasts.

Used by Sim-racing professionals, this chair is fully adjustable, to guarantee you an optimal driving position and maximum comfort. With its seat equipped with the ForceLock device, you can easily configure the steering wheel and pedals.

Strong points :

  • Compatible with the best brands of accessories;
  • High quality finish;
  • Outstanding playing comfort;
  • Suitable for all game consoles and Mac, Windows…

Weak points :

  • Slight discomfort at the axis between the legs;
  • Relatively high price.

Next Level Racing GTTrack: a virtual piloting installation at the top

The Next Level Racing GTTrack is the ultimate in F1 simulation seats. This PC airplane cockpit with a simple, yet very sleek design, offers a very high level of driving comfort. Classified as a top-of-the-range model among the seats signed Next Level Racing, this equipment provides you with an unprecedented virtual driving experience.

Being able to evolve into a flight simulator seat, this armchair is constructed in square steel. Its sport-type seat has a compact but very comfortable seat. We will not forget to mention his record endowed with unparalleled flexibility.

Strong points :

  • Suitable for any player profile;
  • Excellent quality screws;
  • Several accessories allowing evolution in the cockpit;
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest.

Weak points :

  • Rather expensive device;
  • Lack of height adjustment at the level of the levers.

In short, a racing and flight simulation seat will be very useful if you want to play your favorite racing game in the greatest comfort. Last reminder, when choosing your simulator seat, take into account the following points: compatibility with the screen support, ergonomic and elegant design, comfortable padding, solidity of the chassis, adjustment on all levels. Also, if you want to play games other than car racing, a simple gamer seat will be more than enough for you.

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