Which gaming keyboard is right for you?


Often underestimated question: Which gaming keyboard to choose?

Indeed, there is an infinite variation of gaming keyboard , so it is important to find out before choosing the one that will accompany you on a daily basis. A true accessory and essential gaming companion , the ideal keyboard should provide you with flexibility, support and flexibility during your computer sessions.

We have therefore decided to look into the matter today in order to present the existing technologies and their characteristics to you so that your choice of gaming keyboard is relevant and brings you performance and comfort.

Which user are you?

Depending on what you will use it for, you should choose certain types of gaming keyboards. Indeed, the questions to ask are the following: Which user are you (pro gamer, gamer, occasional player, worker, etc.)? Do you need a mobile keyboard? Do you work on a computer?

One of the first criteria to take into account so as not to neglect the choice of your gaming keyboard is the layout of the latter. There are so-called full-format keyboards, namely with a numeric keypad , but also membrane keyboards, hybrid keyboards (called Meca-membranes), mechanical keyboards, wireless keyboards , etc. In short, a multitude of choices are available to you!


Gaming keyboard technologies

As far as gaming keyboard technologies are concerned, we suggest that you present three types to you: the wireless keyboard, the mechanical gaming keyboard, the membrane keyboard.

  • The wireless keyboard is a keyboard that offers superior design and aesthetics, but also ease of use in terms of mobility and cleaning. Indeed, the wireless keyboard is ideal for all players who need mobility and who often carry their equipment. In addition, you can play in different places, at different screen distances and thus adapt your playing comfort to your desires.
  • The mechanical gaming keyboard is the meeting between robustness and speed and is therefore suitable for pro gamers since it is equipped with a switch . We will explain to you later in this article the types of switches available on mechanical keyboards. In short, the full mechanical keyboard offers immediate availability of each key you need without having to make a combination (it is therefore larger than other types of keyboard). In other words, these keyboards are adored by gamers and pro gamers since they offer superior typing speed for dexterity and speed of play.
  • The membrane keyboard is, meanwhile, more fluid and therefore brings no brutality when you type on the keys. Indeed, being more sensitive, the membrane keyboard is recommended for workers or occasional players (pleasure players and not in competition) since there is less resistance when pressing the key, more softness of typing and silence , and therefore more risk of making a false keystroke during a game or a game.


How does a mechanical gaming keyboard work?

The mechanical gaming keyboard is simple in terms of operation. Indeed, unlike the membrane keyboard, it has a switch , in other words a switch under each of its keys. The Switch is therefore a fluid spring which is compressed when you type on a key, a signal is then emitted to the processor which sends a directive to your computer and makes the typed character appear on your screen.

Simple and effective because this switch system makes the mechanical keyboard a more responsive keyboard since the typed character appears on your screen instantly.

What are the advantages of a mechanical keyboard?

For gamers who are still hesitating, here are the advantages of a mechanical keyboard :

  • Robustness of the mechanical keyboard

The mechanical gaming keyboard is more robust and resistant than a classic or membrane gaming keyboard. Indeed, preferred by gamers, the mechanical keyboard is an ideal and solid companion that meets all the conditions for gaming . Your mechanical keyboard will allow you much more intensive use and easier maintenance for maximum durability .

  • Mechanical keyboard typing speed

The mechanical gaming keyboard also allows for responsive typing . Indeed, as a gamer, you need responsiveness and speed when you play. The mechanical keyboard is therefore what you need since the return speed of its keys is higher than other types of keyboard . With an activation distance of 2 millimeters , for the actuation of the key commands, the mechanical keyboard offers you flawless speed during your gaming sessions. In short, it will allow you optimal typing comfort for certain performance .

  • Mechanical keyboard keyboard longevity

Durable, the mechanical gaming keyboard is a long-term ally. For comparison, it supports 10 times more keystrokes than normal keyboards . Indeed, normal keyboards only support 5 million keystrokes while mechanical keyboards offer more than 50 million keystrokes. Impressive but true!

  • Ease of use of the mechanical keyboard

The mechanical gaming keyboard is intended for long gaming sessions and thus increasing gaming performance . This is why it is designed in such a way as to bring you maximum comfort . Indeed, to taste it is to no longer be able to do without it as the comfort it gives you is high.

  • Mechanical Keyboard Accuracy

Efficient, durable and comfortable, the mechanical gaming keyboard is also precise thanks to the sensitivity of its keys . No need to press like a madman on the keys to execute a command since the mechanical keyboard offers sensitivity on its keys and almost instantaneous control of what you type.


Different types of switches

If you choose to buy a mechanical gaming keyboard, you must be interested in the type of switch that will best meet your needs.

A "Switch" is a type of switch that will make your typing responsive or fast . There are different switches with various characteristics such as the depth of travel and the force of actuation of the keys (intensity of pressure required to activate a key on the keyboard).

Here are the different types of switches that exist so that you can find the one you need.

  • Linear switch

A linear switch is inherent in the resistance of the spring under the keys. The advantage of a linear switch is that it is significantly more resistant than other types of switch.

  • Switch clicky

The clicky switch is a switch that emits a sound each time it is activated . Indeed, this sound feedback is due to the activation of the key. For information, they generally have an activation distance of 2.2mm for a total stroke of 4mm . They will suit those who need audible feedback when typing on their keyboard.

  • Touch switch

The tactile switch features longer than normal total travel and mid-height actuation force. Indeed, keyboards with touch switches have much more flexible keystroke and key feedback .


It is up to you to choose according to your needs of use which type of switch will go and do not forget to inquire about the activation distance as well as the force of actuation of the keys.

Also note that with a mechanical keyboard you will have a higher typing noise when you press a key. It is, indeed, noisier than other keyboards but that is also its charm.

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