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A few days ago, on Wednesday October 6, 2021, the streaming giant, Twitch, suffered a major information leak following the publication of approximately 125GB of data on the 4chan forum by an anonymous user.

This leak, one of the biggest in the industry, proves many flaws and inequalities on the part of the platform , in particular the fact that some streamers would be much more protected than others . So, are some streamers untouchable?

Here's what you need to know about the Leak Twitch !


A leak of 125 GB of data

Twitch information scattered across the web is causing a buzz.

Indeed, it is a torrent file of nearly 125 GB of data and files disclosed by an anonymous user to "promote competition in the online video streaming market".

Were therefore laid bare:

  • salaries earned by top Twitch streamers
  • the entire source code of the platform
  • personal user information (including passwords, bank details)
  • but also a platform project directly competing with Steam (“Vapor” which would be in development by the giant Amazon).

Twitch streamer earnings revealed

This Twitch leak has therefore revealed the income of the largest streamers on the platform.

Indeed, this financial information ignited the web by disclosing the income of more than 10,000 streamers from the Twitch platform , putting everyone in a delicate position.

Note that of the 100 most paid Twitch influencers in the world, there are only three women.


No equality between Twitch streamers

A priori, equality on the Twitch platform is not present!

Indeed, this Twitch leak reveals the fact that some streamers, the most influential, are (almost) untouchable!

In addition, some influencers and / or influencers have committed violations of the rules of the Twitch platform on numerous occasions and this (almost) without any sanction.

Yes, Twitch would therefore not house all streamers in the same boat and would arrange the biggest influencers to the detriment of the smallest streamers put on the sidelines.

Not very encouraging or motivating to see how those who bring in the most traffic are the most privileged...

Be that as it may, it is complicated to separate things between news and intox , especially on the number of files disclosed to the general public, which seem to be authentic.

This "data bomb" has not finished talking about her.


Streamers protected by the platform

This Twitch leak reveals a list of streamers favored by and on the platform .

Indeed, some influencers on the platform would be protected from their actions or activities by a special status and therefore different from the others.

Thus, streamers could risk nothing even if they violate the rules of the platform, and here we are talking about the most influential streamers and bringing the most traffic to the platform...

And it should be noted that this information has in no way been confirmed by the Twitch platform , so all of this is to be taken with a grain of salt.


Change your password

After this leak, we strongly advise you to change your password . Indeed, they were also revealed during this leak on the internet according to some statements, but nothing sure!

It is, however, wise to do prevention and change it so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Despite the secure encryption methods used by Twitch , we are not immune to anything and nothing excludes this possibility or even that of other information such as email, number, etc. could also have been disclosed.


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